Visual artist Tran Quang Dai has recently revealed his newest interactive installation art piece, drawing inspiration from the Co Loa Citadel, a historically significant monument in Hanoi that dates back to the third century BC. This unique artwork is a testament to Dai’s creative genius, as he uses interactive elements to engage viewers and immerse them in the rich history and culture surrounding the Co Loa Citadel. Through his art, Dai has not only created a visually striking installation but also provides an educational experience that allows viewers to connect with the past in a meaningful and unique way.

The artwork showcases intricately crafted heart-shaped cushions arranged in a captivating labyrinth. Each cushion represents the tender and delicate nature of the heart, while the labyrinth symbolizes the intricate maze of emotions experienced within the realm of love. This thought-provoking display aims to convey the perplexing and uncertain reality of love, inviting viewers to reflect on their own personal journeys and experiences.

Enhance your experience of the exhibition “Love Is All” at the Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon in HCM City. This captivating exhibition will be on display from now until June 20. Admission is free, allowing you to explore and appreciate the artwork without any cost. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and power of love through art.

  Visitors can walk into the labyrinth. Photo courtesy of the artist

“Love Is All” is an extraordinary series of exclusive activities featuring artists from diverse backgrounds. This remarkable endeavor serves as an expression of the artist’s upcoming creative odyssey, delving into the intricate and enchanting nature of the quintessential emotion – love.

Through this exhibition, my intent is to spark a thoughtful conversation between my paintings and the observer, encouraging reflection on essential aspects of human existence: happiness, well-being, and contentment.”

In addition to the captivating pillow maze, the exhibition also offers a thought-provoking collection of paintings that delve into various facets of love.

 The installation art is inspired by Co Loa Citadel. Photo courtesy of the artist

“I firmly believe that my artworks are not meant to be comprehended intellectually, but rather, to be experienced emotionally,” he emphasized. With this conviction, he strives to craft an immersive encounter that captivates all the senses and prompts onlookers to introspect upon their own encounters with love.

 Visitors pose in front of the installation art of Quang Dai. Photo courtesy of the artist

All artwork will be graciously donated to the Operation Smile Vietnam Fund in order to provide vital support to Vietnamese children who are in need of medical care.

Previously, Quang Dai’s non-profit art therapy exhibition “How Are You These Days?” has had 13 successful shows in Vietnam and Thailand, gaining recognition both locally and internationally. Notably, he became the first Vietnamese artist to have a solo exhibition at MOCA Bangkok, a prestigious institution for contemporary art in the region. His talent and unique approach to art therapy have caught the attention of Nowness Asia, a renowned global platform that celebrates and promotes Asian culture and art.

 A corner of the exhibition. Photo courtesy of the artist