Hanoi Architect Wins Recognition at Asia Architecture Design Awards

Vietnam has seen a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture in its resorts, restaurants, and offices, featuring intricate designs that connect nature with a human living space.


The Ngo (Alley) House (D.O.G House) in Hanoi has been honored as one of the recipients of the Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) held in Singapore on July 17.

According to Arch Daily, it is highly essential to create a living space that embraces nature in order to promote balance and tranquility amidst the bustling urban environment, rapid development, and disrupted ecosystem of Hanoi.

The Alley House is a remarkable example of a passive cooling house, designed to preserve the native architecture of the traditional tube house. This unique dwelling maximizes green spaces throughout, from the inviting entrance to the picturesque courtyard and roof garden. The interplay of natural light and wind traps in the alley garden and courtyard creates a refreshingly breezy atmosphere. Additionally, the thoughtfully designed roof garden aids in heat reduction and insulation, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the building.

This house is a unique retreat that offers a peaceful sanctuary amidst the bustling city. Unlike traditional tube houses that strive to be connected to the main street, this house is designed to create a tranquil garden. Through the strategic use of silence, it effectively controls the noise and chaos of the city, while its green infrastructure beautifully complements the surrounding concrete jungle. The Alley House embodies the current trend of environmental preservation, while also cherishing and preserving both tangible and intangible cultural elements.

The AADA also recognizes other outstanding Vietnamese architecture projects, such as the Mai Chau Culture Resort in Hoa Binh, the Grand Tourane Nha Trang Hotel, Tre Dining in HCM City, and the Xuan Thao Residence in Long An.

 The Ngo (Alley) House is among the winners. Photo: AADA

The Asian Architectural Design Awards (AADA) is recognized as a prestigious platform to acknowledge outstanding architectural accomplishments within the diverse landscapes of Asia. It showcases innovative and visionary designs that have the power to reshape and define the built environment in this dynamic region.

The winners of the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards showcase a remarkable array of architectural designs, showcasing the industry’s vast talent and skill. With a stunning collection of skyscrapers, sustainable urban developments, and even furniture design, these projects exemplify a seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality, and eco-consciousness.

Alberto Beretta, Chief of Judges for the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards, stated that the projects showcased have set themselves apart with their exceptional design solutions, innovative applications, seamless integration with their surroundings, and unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. These visionary designs encapsulate the vibrant and dynamic essence of Asia, as they fearlessly challenge conventional boundaries and redefine the infinite potential of architecture.

Over 400 projects from various Asian countries have been submitted to the contest.

In 2023, the award will feature 30 categories across 6 main fields: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Architectural Design Firms, Interior Design Firms, and Furniture Manufacturing and Retail Firms.