The three sisters, Vang Thi Sau, Vang Thi Cha and Vang Thi Cho, were born in 2007, 2004 and 2009, respectively.

Having been living in extremely difficult situations in Ma Le Commune, the three sisters of Tho Thi Dinh (16), Tho Mi Va (13) and Tho Thi Xua (9) were also adopted by soldiers at Lung Cu Border Post in Dong Van District over the past few years.

At the border posts, the adopted children receive care and teaching in both their studies and daily life from their adopted mothers, who are wives of the border guards.

They have not only witnessed significant progresses in improving their life skills and study results; notably, Van Thi Cha won high prizes at the district’s literature competition while Tho Thi Dinh showed her gifted talents in the arts.

These are six of the nearly 400 ethnic minority students who have been adopted at 28 border posts nationwide under the ‘Adopted children of the Border Guard’ programme launched by the provincial Border Guard High Command.

Taking care of the vegetable garden.

Making friends in class.

Tho Thi Dinh and her adopted mother, who is the wife of a soldier at Lung Cu Border Post.

The children’s lives have changed a lot since their adoption.

Vang Thi Cho receives health check up by a soldier.

Commander of Lung Cu Border Post, Do Dang Nhiem and his adopted daughter Tho Thi Dinh.

Teaching children how to fold a military-style blanket.