Exploring the Fabric Artworks of Layered Hanoi

Visitors to Hanoi can now get a unique look at the city's diverse identity, with a creative collage showcasing the layers of its architecture, history, culture, emotions and humanity.


The exhibition Layers of Hanoi showcases the splendor of the city through multidimensional artistic perspectives, drawing inspiration from its diverse architecture, rich history, and vibrant contemporary life.

Each artwork in the exhibition is created by passionate young artists, each communicating their own unique messages and insights about Hanoi. Through these creative pieces, visitors are able to explore the different layers of the city, ranging from its architectural and historical aspects to its cultural and human diversity, making it one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic capitals.

Through fabric artworks, the show offers a fresh perspective on Hanoi

The exhibition offers an exciting journey of exploration, highlighting not only the artistic aspects but also the profound significance of the artworks painted on recycled fabric canvas. With a focus on green and sustainable art, the exhibition promotes the message of recycling and environmental protection while also delving into the cultural traits of the city.

According to curator Vu Ngoc Long, a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Vietnam’s art and culture have shaped the rhythm of daily life in the capital, leaving behind diverse traces. Inspired by this diversity and richness, the exhibition presents multidimensional views of the city through the eyes of young artists, showcasing the interplay between Hanoi’s past and its bustling development.

Slow Down in Hanoi by Le Quang Anh

In addition to providing an art experience, the exhibition also emphasizes the importance of recycling and environmental protection. Through the 4V – For Fabrics For Vietnam project, scraps and leftovers from Hanoi’s tailor shops have been transformed into colorful picture frames, allowing young artists to create unique and captivating works on display.

Layers of Hanoi is the result of a lengthy process, collecting over 100kg of excess fabric to create and complete the artwork. Under the hands of the artists, the city’s image with its ancient, contemporary, and comprehensive features is brought to life in a complete and unique way.

Hanoi in Me by Pham Duc Viet

Using a special material made of recycled rags, each artist expresses themselves uniquely, combining various materials to create a one-of-a-kind experience in their paintings. Each piece provides a different perspective on Hanoi, some immersed in its cultural history spanning thousands of years, while others focus on the simple everyday corners of life in the city.

The Layers of Hanoi exhibition is sponsored by the ASEAN Social Impact Program of Fulbright University Vietnam, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It will be on display at the Exhibition House on 16 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, until the end of July.