An exhibition entitled “Timeless Souls: Beyond The Voyage” will feature over 50 works first renowned graduates from the École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine (EBAI), being one of the biggest exhibitions to be organized in Vietnam so far.  

The exhibition, which is contributed by paintings by late painters Le Thi Luu (1911 -1988), Le Pho (1907 -2001), Mai Trung Thu (1906 – 1980), and Vu Cao Dam (1908 – 2000). The painters are named “the four Indochinese” who emigrated to France in early 1930s-1940s. 

The artwork entitled “The Two Beauties” by Mai Trung Thu will be included in the exhibition. Photo: Sotheby’s

Curated by Ace Le, an independent art researcher and publisher dedicated to archiving, researching and putting on display Vietnamese art, these works illustrate the years of these artists living abroad, a narrative that reflects how the maestros channeled their longing for home with familiar subject matters constructed from intricate threads of memories of Vietnam – plants and landscapes, families and rituals, culture and architecture, values and philosophy, while weaving new perspectives from their journey in France.

According to Sotheby’s, the organizer of the event, not only does this mark the first exhibition in Vietnam held by an international auction house, but it also manifests as one of the largest Indochine Art exhibitions ever staged in the country.

Le Pho’s works include “Co Loa Temple” (1934), 44×62 cm, oil on canvas; the “Jeune femme se coiffant” (Girl combing hair) (around 1936-1938), 35.5×28 cm, gouache on silk.

Mai Trung Thu’s pieces of art feature “The Two Beauties” (about 1942), 58×34 cm, gouache on silk; “Meditation” (1950-1960), 43×57 cm, gouache on silk.

Vu Cao Dam’s works include “Deux Jeunes Femmes” (Two Young Women) (1939), 47×58.5 cm, ink and gouache on silk and “Le Pagodon” (Beside the Temple) (1979), 46×38 cm, oil on canvas.

And Le Thi Luu’s work is entitled “Le Musicien Traditionnel” (Traditional musician) (1960-1970), 35×45 cm, ink and color on silk.

The exhibition will take place from July 11 to 14 at Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Below are some are some typical artworks of these artists:

The painting entitled “Maternity” by Le Pho
“The woman with fan” by Le Pho
 “Meditation” – Mai Trung Thu
 “Child fishing by the lake” – Mai Trung Thu
 “Deux Jeunes Femmes” (Two girls) – Vu Cao Dam
 “Le retour” (The return) – Vu Cao Dam

Les musiciennes (The musicians) – Vu Cao Dam

 “Two Kieu Ladies” – Le Thi Luu
 “Mother and children on the grass” – Le Thi Luu