Exhibition of Hanoi Bull Statue Spotlights Peruvian Culture

Audiences in Vietnam are invited to experience the beauty and culture of Peru, thanks to the art initiative "Torito de Pucará: Ambassador of the Peruvian Highlands". This program aims to bring the aesthetical essence of the Latin American nation to the forefront.


Torito de Pucará: Ambassador of the Peruvian Highlands Exhibition

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of Peru as we present the “Torito de Pucará: Ambassador of the Peruvian Highlands” exhibition in Hanoi. Explore our collection of 18 meticulously handcrafted ceramic Pucará bull statues, a revered symbol of traditional Peruvian pottery. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and beauty of Peruvian artistry right here in Vietnam.

The exhibition is organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the commemoration of 29 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Peru.

 The exhibition is a display of the unique art and culture of Peru. Photo: Department of International Cooperation

The torito, or “little bull,” holds great cultural significance in the pottery village of Checca Pupuja in southern Peru. Crafted by skilled artisans from the district of Jose Domingo Choquehuenca, these bull statues symbolize prosperity, joy, fertility, and protection. In Andean culture, the toritos are often seen in pairs, representing the harmonious balance between positive and negative energies. Originally used as jugs or canteens, these bulls now play a central role in Peruvian culture, being used in ritual ceremonies, carnival celebrations, and other important activities. This collection of Pucará bull statues has traveled across the world, showcasing the rich heritage of the southern highlands of Peru. After Vietnam, it will continue its journey to India and South Korea.

 Visitors contemplate the bull statues. Photo: Department of International Cooperation

The exhibition also showcases a collection of distinctive paintings by acclaimed artists, including Le Huy, Tran Anh Tuan, and emerging talents. These artworks artfully represent the profound friendship between Peru and Vietnam.

Speaking at the inauguration of the event on September 18th in Hanoi, Augusto Morelli Salgado, Peru’s Ambassador to Vietnam, highlighted the distinctive aspect of the exhibition, which showcases the creations of Peruvian artisans and the bull statues contributed by Le Huy and Tran Anh Tuan as symbols of the friendship between the two countries.

Ambassador Augusto Morelli Salgado speaks at the opening ceremony of the exhibition in Hanoi on September 18. Photo: Embassy of Peru

Following the exhibition, the Embassy will select and donate one of the aforementioned artworks to the renowned Peruvian National Collection. This piece, titled “Pucará Bull Around the World”, will become a part of the collection’s traveling exhibition, further showcasing its cultural significance on a global scale.

According to Ambassador Augusto Morelli Salgado, the participation of Vietnamese artists plays a crucial role in fostering cultural understanding between the two nations. By showcasing their folk culture, both countries can appreciate and embrace the unique beauty of one another, strengthening the bonds and friendship between nations despite their geographical distance.

Tran Nhat Hoang, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, emphasizes the significance of cultural and artistic exchange events in enhancing relations.

This marks the inaugural showcase of Peruvian ceramic works and the artistic transformation by two Vietnamese artists on the renowned Peruvian bull sculptures. It is an exceptional occasion for the Vietnamese art enthusiasts to witness these remarkable creations.

He also expressed his belief that this event would help the Vietnamese people gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and artistic heritage of the Peruvian people.

 Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation Tran Nhat Hoang speaks at the exhibition.

Artist Le Huy has created a bull statue using traditional Vietnamese lacquer. The statue features a stylized adaptation of the pattern of clouds and dragons found on the stone stairs of Kinh Thien Palace in the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, as well as motifs from Dong Son bronze drums and lotus images from ancient art.

The purpose of these bull statues is to showcase the culture and people of Vietnam, while also highlighting the similarities between Vietnam and Peru as two cultures rich in tradition. Both countries are known for being peace-loving, friendly, open-minded, and dedicated to preserving their heritage.

This exhibition will be running until September 24th at the Art and Culture Center, located at 22 Hang Buom Street in Hanoi.