The exhibition entitled “Goodbye to the Rat – Welcome to the Buffalo” welcomes visitors from 4pm on January 23 and lasts until January 29 at the Exhibition House, No 29 Hang Bai.

A painting by Le Thiet Cuong is on display at the exhibition.

Not only showcasing the paintings themed buffalo, the exhibition is also featuring a Bat Trang ceramic work and crafts of lady quilted cotton shirt with buffalo image motifs.    

This is an annual art exhibition by the group of G39 artists, led by artist Le Thiet Cuong and and this year’s is the seventh of the kind.

An artwork by painter Nguyen Quoc Thang.

Through the exhibition, the artists want to convey a message which is “The Vietnamese art is rooted in village culture”. The buffalo is considered as the “mascot” of wet rice civilization representing the virtues of hard work, industriousness and love of labor of the Vietnamese people.

The exhibition includes 80 buffalo works made on many different materials such as oil on canvas, acrylic, gouache painting in do paper, curtain fabric, and Bat Trang pottery.

An artwork by Tao Linh.

In addition to the mature and sturdy drawings of adult painters, there are also paintings of little authors who are children of artists of the group, promising to add a touch of innocence to the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to bring a sense of optimism and freshness to viewers after a tough year of 2020.