An exhibition titled “A Lively Era” is underway in the Hoa Lo prison relic until April 30 to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (May 26, 1931 – May 26, 2021).

The exhibition is divided into two thematic areas titled: “The flame of the heart” and “Aspiration to Build a New Life”.

“The flame of the heart” tells the stories of the Vietnamese youth during the cause of national liberation, memories of a vibrant time of the young people who were born in the war as well as youth stories in the present period.

“Aspiration to Build a New Life” depicts the activities of the young Vietnamese which have contributed to  eternalizing the war victories, adding to the glorious tradition of the nation. 

 The exhibition area is an emotional journey that takes visitors back in time to the days of blood and fire against the French colonialists and American imperialists, an eboullient time of many Vietnamese youth. Photos:
With the strong faith in the final victory of the revolution, many young people left behind their dreams and aspirations to march to the front and contribute to the national independence and freedom.
 The historical witnesses visiting the exhibition were alumni of Chu Van An School, Trung Vuong Girls’ High School, among others, such as Duong Tu Minh, Le Van Ba, Do Quang Trung, Do Hong Phan.
 “I am now old but such a heroic period, a fairytale of youth, the age of dedication to the country still live on me,” proudly shared by Duong Tu Minh, Deputy Head of the Hoa Lo Prison’s Liaison Board for revolutionary soldiers.

Do Hong Phan, a female student participating in the student resistance movement in 1949 was very touched and proud to visit the exhibition to recall memories and tell today’s generation about the heroic past of the preceding generations. 
 “A Lively Era” takes place from March 18 to April 30 at the Hoa Lo Prison Relic (No. 1, Hoa Lo street, Hanoi).