Ethnic groups in northwest region begin transplanting rice seedlings

NDO – In May and June, when terraced fields in the northwest region enter pouring-water season, ethnic groups begin transplanting rice seedlings, the most important time period for the crop.


Visiting the northwest region at this time, visitors can not only admire the primitive natural landscapes and mesmerising terraced fields but can also feel the hard-working spirit among the local people.

The time for transplanting rice often starts in early rainy season in May or June in each locality, depending on terrain and weather conditions.

Differing from rice cultivation on the plain, the terraced rice fields in northwest region can only be cultivated with one crop per year to adapt to climate, soil and irrigation conditions.

As the weather has become more unpredictable over recent years, the milestones now vary for each commune in the region.

Lim Thai village, where a majority of population are ethnic Thai people, is located inside Cao Pha rice valley. Due to its low terrain, the harvest season comes earlier in the village than in others in Yen Bai province.

A farmer tilling soil of rice terrace with a water buffalo

A sleeping child on mother’s back

Portrait of an old woman in La Pan Tan commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai district

Two girls standing in front of terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai district, which has been recognised as a national landscape.

Boys tending buffaloes on terraced fields