More than 400 children’s paintings that won the National Children’s Painting Contest 2023 are on display at the Vietnam Exhibition Center for Culture and Arts, Hanoi, from June 1 to 10.

 Delegates are watching paintings chosen from the National Children’s Painting Contest 2023. Photos: the Vietnam Exhibition Center for Culture and Arts

The paintings are selected from 38,125 entries from 515 schools and art centers in 44 provinces and cities nationwide.

The event aims to provide artistic activities in and out of school, creating a helpful playground for students to develop their painting skills. 

The contest’s award ceremony and the National Children’s Painting Exhibition 2023 opening were held on May 31 at the Vietnam Exhibition Center for Culture and Arts in Hanoi.

Speaking at the event, Ta Quang Dong, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, emphasized that the contest and exhibition enabled children to express their emotions, views, and life experiences through innocent expressions by conveying meaningful messages.

He added each painting is a story written by their true emotions, helping evoke warmth, humanity, and children’s love for their families, teachers, friends, school, homeland, and the universe.

The National Children’s Painting Contest and Exhibition is an annual event that attracts the participation of many young artists. Children can unleash their creativity, imagination, and artistic skills through the contest and exhibitions while experiencing new things.

Below are some of the paintings on display:

 “The Kingdom of Bricks and Tiles” by Dinh Thanh Truc.
 “Happy Dining Room” by Pham Tung Chi.