At the end of the year, Da Lat streets are now filled with the gentle pink colour of prunus cesacoides, a variety of flower that creates a magnetic attraction to visitors.

In the city centre, prunus cesacoides bloom along the main streets including Tran Hung Dao, Hung Vuong, Co Giang, Pho Duc Chinh, and Nam Ho.

Many people leave the bustling atmosphere of the city centre to the suburban hills to find peace under the blooming cherry apricot trees.

The most famous destination is LangBiang – Mong Dao Nguyen area, where the flower forest is interspersed between pine forest to create an impressive picture of nature. Crossing the hills, visitors can admire peaceful and quite scenes separate from the bustling city.

The road to Mong Dao Nguyen is quite rough with many stones and rocks. However, the magnetic beauty of the spectacular scenery is still enough to encourage visitors to overcome difficulties to conquer this destination.

In addition to families, young people and photographers, many couples choose this destination for their pre-wedding photos.

The cherry-like apricot blossom hills is most crowded at dawn and dusk.

Most tourists rent jeeps to go up the flower hill, with rental prices of 100,000 VND per person, while several youths choose to conquer the hill by motorbike.