At the fishing port of Tho Quang, in Son Tra District, Da Nang City, in these early days of the new spring, the hustle and bustle image of fishermen preparing for their sea-going trip at the beginning of the year created a new breath of life in the productive labour at the beginning of the year. Beautiful weather and calm sea are conditions for fishermen to be more excited and determined to go out to the sea.

Busy fisherman refuelling the ship.

According to Nguyen Lai, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Tho Quang Fishing Port, the fishing port welcomed about 5 fishing vessels to dock at the port during Tet. At this time, most of the fishermen in the central provinces have returned to the fishing port to prepare for the first sea-faring trip of the new year.

Enough food and fuel for 20 days at sea.

In the midday sun, many fishermen returned to their fishing boats, busy preparing for their first sea-going trip of the new year after the Lunar New Year holiday. Many tank trucks filled with gasoline and oil are constantly docking to refuel ships.

Hundreds of national flags were hung high in front of the boat by the fishermen.

Meanwhile, small boats began to focus on transporting fishermen to large ships moored in the wharfs. The atmosphere of labour and production at the beginning of the year at the largest fishing port in the central region brought many wishes of fishermen. Hundreds of national flags are hung by the fishermen on the bow of the ship as the pride of Vietnamese fishermen on every journey to the sea.

Small boats carry fishermen to the fishing vessels anchored in the bay.

Together with boatmates to prepare a tray of rice to offer to the ship at the beginning of the new year before the ship sails, fisherman Ngo Van Dung (resident in Quang Ngai) shared that after returning home to celebrate Tet, on the afternoon of February 8, he and his partners returned to Da Nang to prepare for the first sea-going trip of the new year. Hopefully in the new year, in every sea-faring trip, the fisherman’s cabin will always be full of fish. It is also a wish for a favourable year for fishermen in the central region to go out to the sea.

The fisherman’s tray of rice in new year

Tying up the last ropes to the net, fisherman Nguyen Van Hung (residing in Quang Ngai), shared: after a few days of Tet holiday, he was reunited with his family, he and friends had just arrived in Da Nang to prepare for the first sea-going trip in new year. All fishing gear, food, food, vegetables, ice, drinking water, and so on, have been loaded into the boat.

Fisherman Nguyen Van Hung has a lot of hope for this sea voyage at the beginning of the year.

"Hopefully, we will meet the stream of fish and catch a lot in this new year’s sea trip," Hung shared.

For fishermen in the central region, the first sea voyage of the year brings a lot of hope.