Bat Trang Ceramic Art Featuring Sacred Animal Statues on Display

An innovative new exhibition showcases the unique fusion of artistry and traditional Bat Trang ceramics. Artist's creativity is presented in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, and more.


An exhibition of art ceramics titled “Sacred Animals of Modern Times” by Meritorious Artisan Tran Nam Tuoc from Bat Trang has opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi. The exhibition features over 30 sets of ceramic sculptures depicting sacred animals such as horses, kylins, dragons, carp turning into dragons, and phoenixes.

The artworks showcased in the exhibition demonstrate the fusion of painting elements and sculpture language, showcasing the essence of traditional Bat Trang ceramics combined with Tuoc’s innovations in glaze colors and shapes.

Painter Luong Xuan Doan, President of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, praised Tuoc’s unique style deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture. He commended Tuoc’s ability to create modern ceramic artworks with significant aesthetic value, conveying meaningful messages about Vietnamese cultural traditions and history through the portrayal of sacred animals.

Doan stated, “With his talent, artist Tuoc has produced valuable ceramic sculptures and contributed to the diverse development of Vietnam’s contemporary art.”

According to Doan, Tuoc successfully preserves the cultural values imbued with the Vietnamese spirit in his works. Through his creative efforts, he preserves, inherits, and promotes cultural heritage, thus leaving an indelible mark on the history of Vietnamese ceramic art.

Meritorious artist Tran Nam Tuoc, born as Tran Xuan Trieu in 1974 in the northern province of Thai Binh, holds the unique distinction of being the only person awarded the title of Meritorious Artist of Bat Trang Ceramic Art, even though he was not born in Bat Trang Village, Hanoi.

Beginning his career as a pottery kiln helper in 1996, Tuoc has continuously researched, experimented, and uncovered the value of Bat Trang ceramic glaze. With his distinctive ceramic approach, he creates seemingly simple yet superb enamel lines using basic production materials.

Tuoc’s works possess a personal touch that recreates the epitome of the craft village, consistently garnering appreciation from leading industry experts.

The exhibition will remain open until August 20 at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.