Award Winners for Talented Performances in Dance, Puppetry, and Drama

This week, viewers were treated to a wide array of engaging performances from artists, dancers, puppeteers, and playwrights from across the nation, filled with emotion and vibrant points of view.


A total of fifty prizes have been awarded to talented artists at three artistic talent contests that recently concluded in Hanoi.

Over 150 performers showcased their skills in nearly 200 shows, excerpts, acts, and performances at the National Puppetry Talent Contest 2023, the National Dance Talent Contest 2023, and the National Theater Actors Talent Contest 2023.

The performance won the first prize for actor Ngo Doan Thinh (Vietnam Puppet Theater) at the National Puppetry Talent Contest 2023.

During the National Puppetry Talent Contest 2023, a total of seven prizes were awarded, including two first prizes to actors Ngo Doan Thinh (Vietnam Puppet Theater) and Ha Binh Minh (Thang Long Puppet Theater).

The National Dance Talent Competition 2023 saw the distribution of 22 prizes, including a first prize awarded to Le Tuan Anh (Vietnam Dance Academy).

The National Drama Actor Talent Contest 2023 gave out 21 prizes, with seven first prizes going to actors such as Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan (Hai Phong Drama Troupe), Ly Chi Huy (Youth Theater), and Nguyen Thi Minh Thu (Vietnam Drama Theater).

 Excellent artists received prizes. Photo courtesy of the organizing board

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong emphasized that these contests, which took place from August 20 to 26, are vital for preserving and promoting Vietnam’s cultural heritage.

They also serve as a platform for art troupes to discover and nurture the next generation of talented artists and actors. Dong noted that the competitions have successfully unearthed many skilled performers and depicted the intricacies of Vietnamese culture.

Furthermore, artists and actors had the opportunity to exchange experiences, enhance their knowledge, and improve their professional qualifications and the quality of their performances in dance, puppetry, and drama.

“In addition to celebrating the achievements of the contests, we must also assess and identify the development directions of each art form in response to new circumstances. This will allow us to preserve the essence of each art form while making it evolve and flourish in line with societal trends and international integration,” Deputy Minister Ta Quang Dong concluded.