Artistic Convergence: Uniting Generations in an Exhibition

The exhibition showcases the artwork of artists based in Hanoi.


The art exhibition Companion has commenced in Hanoi, showcasing 59 artworks created by 35 artists from Hanoi. These artists are both lecturers and students of the Faculty of Theory, History, and Art Criticism at Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

This exhibition is held in honor of the faculty’s 45th anniversary (1978-2023).

Regarding the name of the exhibition, a representative from the faculty explained that over the years, faculty teachers and students have continuously strived to develop critical theories. These creative practices have enhanced their teaching and research, making them more convincing. It represents the companionship between artistic creation and research, as well as the collaboration among teachers, students, and colleagues.

Therefore, the exhibition is aptly named Companion.

An oil painting by Nguyen Trong Cat depicting life in the mountains.

The showcased artworks include those of artist-teachers who have been associated with the faculty since its establishment, as well as works by students who have recently embarked on their university journey. This convergence establishes a connection between different generations of teachers and students within the faculty.

The exhibition features paintings, graphics, sculptures, and prints that reflect each artist’s unique concepts and personalities. It is a fusion of passions.

In addition to the immense pride in tradition and camaraderie, the exhibited works also express the concerns of numerous generations of teachers and students regarding society and art criticism. The exhibition serves as a platform for artists to convey their thoughts to the public and offers encouragement for the development of the Faculty of Theory, History, and Art Criticism.

A painting by art critic Phan Cam Thuong from 2019.

According to Dang Thi Phong Lan, Vice Rector in charge of Vietnam University of Fine Arts, the past 45 years have proven the achievements of the faculty’s education in theory, history, and art criticism. These accomplishments are reflected in the published research and artistic works of various generations of teachers and students.

The exhibition will be open until December 18 at Vietnam University of Fine Arts, located at 42 Yet Kieu Street, Hanoi.

 “Projectivity” – a painting by artist and lecturer Trang Thanh Hien.