The art show was inspired by the cultural materials of the northwest region such as the traditional weddings of the H’Mong people, the ‘cap sac’ (rite of passage) ritual of Dao Do ethnic people, and various dances.

The water wheel is a familiar tool in the life and production activities of ethnic minority peoples in the northwestern region.

The Dao ethnic people are one of the larger ethnic groups in Lao Cai province.

Water collection is a cultural beauty of Dao ethnic people.

The “Cap sac” (rite of passage), the most important ritual of Dao ethnic minority people in Lao Cai province, is reproduced at the programme.

A traditional dance with umbrellas, of the H’Mong, Giay and Xa Pho peoples in Sapa town.

The large Buddha statute on the top of Fansipan Mountain 3,143 metres above sea level and termed the “roof of Dong Duong”.