Art Exhibition in Hanoi Featuring Six Artists

Six talented artists are coming together to bring the stunning beauty of nature to life through stunning paintings and sculptures, which will be unveiled to the public during an exciting exhibition.


The painting and sculpture exhibition titled “Mau Nang” (Sunlight Colors) by artists Dinh Khac Cong, Vu Thanh Yen, Hoang Ngoc Ha, Le Ngoc Huyen, Luu Thanh Lan, and Nguyen Nghia Cuong, opened today (October 14) in Hanoi.

Each artist has their own unique style, but they share a common love and passion for beauty, which is evident in their creative journey.

This exhibition showcases the diversity of pictorial and sculptural language in contemporary art, reflecting the dynamic nature of society.

The artworks, created using different materials and themes, depict the natural and human beauty found throughout the country.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see exquisite lacquer paintings by Vu Thanh Yen, which expertly portray people, landscapes, and still lifes using the traditional lacquer material’s mysterious and refined color palette. Hoang Ngoc Ha’s artworks combine luxurious silk material with a contemporary touch, while Nguyen Nghia Cuong’s landscape paintings possess a unique personality.

Le Ngoc Huyen’s artworks, ranging from lone trees on mountaintops to people associated with the northern region of the country, embody a strong and mysterious soul. Sculptor Luu Thanh Lan creates modern and feminine sculptures, using refined forms and lines in her artistic language.

The exhibition will be open daily from October 14 to 23 at the Exhibition House, located at 16 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi.

Hoang Ngoc Ha’s “Dance of Love” silk painting.
Monsoon by Luu Thanh Lan.
Sunlight Surrounds Paint, acrylic by Nguyen Nghia Cuong.
Market Day, lacquer by Dinh Khac Cong.
Winter Comes, acrylic by Le Ngoc Huyen.
Cozy Winter, lacquer by Vu Thanh Yen.