2023 Vietnam Dance Week to Welcome Thousands of Dancers

Thousands of foreign and local dancers will converge in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate Vietnam Dance Week with the theme "Convergence and Shine".


The highly anticipated Vietnam Dance Week 2023 officially commenced on July 15, uniting a multitude of talented dancers from both Vietnam and beyond.

The Vietnam Dance Week welcomes both professional and amateur artists residing in Vietnam, regardless of their nationality. Participants have the option to compete either as a group or as individuals, with age categories spanning from Children (6-9 years old) to Youth (10-18 years old), Adults (over 18), and Senior Citizens (over 50). Additionally, this event also extends an invitation to international individuals and organizations, who will be selected through the introduction and selection of embassies and foreign organizations. A diverse range of dance styles, including classical, folk dance, hip-hop, contemporary, and ballet, are eligible for performance during the event.

We anticipate participants from 13 different countries to attend the upcoming event. A staggering number of 1,000 dancers are expected to gather and join the momentous flash mob, Hand in Hand.

 Ballet Kieu is an adaptation of The Tale of Kieu, a work of art by choreographer Tuyet Minh.

The Vietnam Dance Week is the preeminent dance event in Vietnam, organized by the Vietnam Dance Artists Association in partnership with the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, HCM City Department of Culture and Sports, Thong Nhat Park Management Board in Hanoi, and Kinh Ky Foundation Media Company.

Spreading the Art of Dance

We strive to bring the joy and beauty of dance to our community in a contemporary and engaging manner. Join us as we inspire and welcome dancers of all ages and skill levels to participate in our thrilling events. Experience the magic of dance and be a part of something extraordinary.

As stated by Tuyet Minh, choreographer and Acting Vice President of the Vietnam Dance Artists Association, the Vietnam Dance Week is set to become the premier annual dance event, uniting a diverse range of professional and amateur artists, as well as audiences of all ages, from both local and international backgrounds.

This event offers a unique platform for dancers to connect, collaborate, and create innovative works that contribute to the growth of the dance art community. Dancers from around the world, both national and international, can participate in two categories: Festival and Competition. It is a valuable opportunity for dancers to enhance their skills, showcase their talent, and promote the sustainable development of dance art.

Save the date for this year’s event! Join us from July 15th to October 29th for an unforgettable experience.