Covid-19 could lead to restructuring of Vietnam tourism industry

The Ministry of Planning and Investmetn (MPI) estimates that Vietnam’s tourism sector may lose $2.3 billion worth of revenue from foreign investors if Covid-19 lasts until the end of Q1 and $5 billion if it continues through Q2.

Learn how to bicycle tour

A talk featuring two young but experienced cycling tourists will be held in the capital to delve into the details of cycling tours.

Foreign arrivals may fall 50-60 percent amid nCoV epidemic: GSO

Under the impact of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, foreign tourist arrivals in Vietnam may fall by 50 – 60 percent during the epidemic period, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Russian tourists to charter flights to Phu Quoc

After a five-year suspension of chartered flights due to the economic crisis in Russia, Pegas Touristik is planning to resume these flights, bringing Russian tourists to Phu Quoc Island from October 2020.

Tet tour options in HCM City

A host of tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City have reported their business looks brisk for the upcoming Tet holiday.

Hanoi falls behind many regional cities on foreign tourist attraction

Hanoi still falls behind many major cities in the region and the world regarding foreign tourist arrivals, according to a survey of the municipal Department of Tourism which was revealed on January 16.