Each flower boasts five pink petals like peach blossoms, but when they bloom, they form clusters with thick, long, and red pistils.
When the flowers are in bloom, they make the mountains and villages throughout the region become even more picturesque.
The tree is a woody plant featuring a wide canopy. It is grown on hillsides and mountainsides in the area. The flowers normally bloom a few weeks before the Lunar New Year festival.
It is also the time when the Mong ethnic people go to spring festivals.
The flowers are also often featured on the costumes of Mong girls.
In Dien Bien province, the wild peach tree is mainly grown in areas such as Tay Trang of Dien Bien district, along with the high-deo villages in Sa Dung, Na Son, Pu Nhi, Keo Lom, and Tia Dinh communes.

The flowers bring a message of happiness and marks the arrival of a new spring to the Mong community in the highlands and mountainous areas.