Local villagers possess a secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.
For this dish, black carps weighing around four to eight kg each are carefully selected.
A thin layer of sliced galangal is placed at the bottom of the pot to prevent the fish from burning and to enhance the flavor of the dish.
According to the villagers, the secret to this dish lies in the ingredients and the meticulous preparation process.
The marinated fish pieces are carefully arranged in the clay pot.
The villagers only use longan firewood to cook the dish as they believe it imparts a unique fragrance and sustains the fire for a long period of time. It takes approximately 12 hours to cook this dish.
Once the fish is boiled, lime juice and a caramelized sauce are added by the cook.
The villagers carefully tend to the fish pots covered in smoke for hours to ensure that the fish meets the highest quality standards.
The price of a pot varies between VND700,000 and VND1.5 million, depending on its weight.