During Harbin Fashion Week, 28 designers from around the world unite to showcase their unique collections, each representing the culture of their respective countries.
The beauty of Vietnamese women is highlighted in the new collections created by talented designer Thuy Nguyen.

Thuy presents various long dresses made from traditional fabrics such as cotton, silk and satin, featuring vibrant colors.
Each creation is inspired by the stories and dreams that the designer discovered while interacting with local women during her visits to remote locations across the country.
The locally acclaimed designer graduated from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts and obtained a master’s degree from the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Ukraine in 2003.
She is not only a renowned fashion designer but also an accomplished visual artist involved in painting, art installations, as well as movie and fashion design.
In 2011, she opened her first store in Ho Chi Minh City. Her designs often revolve around themes such as motherhood, homeland, spirituality, and nature.