The event showcases the artistic and craftsmanship talents of Vietnamese people, fostering a sense of patriotism and pride in our nation’s rich cultural heritage.
Ly dynasty ceramics, officially recognized as national treasures in 2021, are a testament to Vietnam’s artistic legacy.
Discover Vietnam’s ancient past with these bronze items, dating back to the 16th century, weighing in at a substantial 3.25kg.
A collection of bronze jars from various periods, named national treasures in 2023, showcases the diversity of Vietnam’s historical artifacts.
Unveiling a piece of history, the Nghe Temple’s silver item is presented for the first time at the Hai Phong Museum.
Celebrating Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago’s recognition as a World Natural Heritage Site, the Hoa Phuong Do festival honors Hai Phong’s rich history and culture.
An annual tradition, the Hoa Phuong Do festival promotes Hai Phong’s historical and cultural heritage while enhancing the city’s tourism appeal.
A glimpse into the past: Antiques from the first century, remarkably well-preserved, offer a unique insight into ancient times.

With 26 key events and 78 activities, the 2024 Hai Phong Red Flamboyant Flower Festival is a cultural extravaganza, attracting domestic and international attention.