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The Great Pest-Killing Festival: Hanoi’s Lively Market

The early hours of June 10th witnessed a bustling scene as Hanoians flocked to local markets in a rush to purchase traditional items for the upcoming Đoan Ngọ Festival. Affectionately known as "Tết giết sâu bọ," this unique celebration takes place annually on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It was a lively morning filled with excitement and anticipation as residents prepared to partake in this beloved cultural tradition.


Among the offerings to our ancestors, Rượu nếp (fermented glutinous rice) holds a special place. It is believed that consuming this delicacy not only honors our traditions but also brings good health and protection against illnesses.

A one-kilo package of this traditional delicacy typically costs VND80,000-100,000, making it an affordable luxury for many families during this special occasion.

Fermented glutinous rice is often stored in plastic containers, with prices ranging from VND25,000 to VND50,000, depending on the size. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to preserve this delicious treat.

In Vietnamese culture, there is a beautiful tradition of starting the day with sour fruit, glutinous rice wine, and Tro cake. This custom is believed to bring good health and ward off diseases, connecting us to our ancestral roots.

When preparing offerings for our ancestors, a tray adorned with flowers, fruits, and fermented glutinous rice is a beautiful way to show our respect and gratitude.

Tro cake, a unique delicacy made from glutinous rice and mistletoe ash, is a popular choice for customers at the market. With prices ranging from VND10,000 to VND15,000 per cake, it’s an affordable treat to include in the offerings.

To enhance the festive atmosphere, consider adding some fresh and sour fruits like plums and lychees. These fruits not only taste delicious but also symbolize good health and prosperity.

For those looking to decorate their altars or offering trays, a bunch of lotus flowers priced at VND120,000 adds a touch of elegance and cultural significance.

The Thanh Ha market in Hoan Kiem district buzzes with activity as people flock to purchase offerings for the Doan Ngo Festival, which falls on June 10 this year. It’s a vibrant scene filled with the colors and aromas of traditional Vietnamese culture.

The Doan Ngo Festival is a special day for Vietnamese people to connect with their ancestors, pray for abundance, and seek blessings for their businesses and overall well-being. It’s a time to honor traditions and come together as a community.
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