Kien Trung Palace is transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle with 3D Mapping technology, showcasing the exquisite architecture and artistry unique to Hue.

The light show is a cultural extravaganza, introducing Hue’s cuisine and heritage to an international audience.

The opening ceremony captivates the audience with a magical display of music, lighting, and images, transporting them to the ancient capital of Hue.

The ancient capital comes alive with laser effects, LED matrix, hologram projection lights, and 3D mapping on the semi-realistic art stage at Kien Trung Palace.

The iconic Nón lá Huế, a palm-leaf conical hat, is a symbol of Vietnamese culture, especially in Hue, where it is commonly worn by local women.

A captivating light show brings to life Tôm chua Huế, the famous fermented sour shrimp sauce that is a specialty of Hue’s cuisine.

The vibrant light show promises to leave a lasting impression on spectators and visitors, creating unforgettable memories.

Artists from the Hue Art Theater grace the opening night with their captivating performances.

The festival features elegant fashion shows of the Ao Dai, the traditional long dress worn by Vietnamese women.

A foreign art troupe delivers a stunning performance during the opening night, adding to the cultural diversity of the event.

The opening night concludes with a spectacular fireworks display. Kien Trung Palace will be the main venue for the Hue International Arts Festival Week 2024, taking place from June 7 to 12.

Thousands of locals and tourists gather for the opening ceremony, celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Hue.
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