The images showcase the Lunar New Year gifts that are given to the Spratly islanders. These gifts are a token of appreciation and support for the hard work of those defending national sovereignty and integrity.

This special trip is made as the lunar New Year festival approaches. It signifies the importance of the occasion.

The Fourth Regional Command of the Vietnam People’s Army’s Brigade 146 recently received several gifts from organizations and individuals. These gifts are meant for officers, soldiers, and people residing on the islands.

With the Tet gifts brought from the mainland, the islanders of Truong Sa feel the continuous support of their compatriots both materially and spiritually. Colonel Le Dinh Hai, deputy commander of Brigade 146 and chairman of the People’s Committee of Truong Sa island district, Khanh Hoa province, expressed his gratitude.

The gifts include kumquat trees, symbolizing wealth and good luck.

There are also pigs, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

And chickens, symbolizing good fortune and new beginnings.

These gifts hold deep meaning for the officers, soldiers, and people residing on the Truong Sa archipelago during the upcoming festival.

Waving their goodbyes to the mainland people, all officers and soldiers tasked with bringing Tet gifts to Truong Sa are determined to deliver these gifts to ensure a joyful festival for the recipients in the coming days.