Snack food, an essence of Vietnamese cuisine

For every Vietnamese person, local snack food is a childhood memory which is kept throughout their life. With a desire to preserve the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine, offers snack foods from different parts of the country.

Founded in April 2013 with the business motto “clean snack food”,, which has a complete system from cooking to delivery, has become a familiar brand for offices, families and foreign visitors.

Director Ngo Thanh Son said that he spent 10 years studying and testing recipes of folk dishes before launching which offers thousands of delicious snack foods made in an exclusively Vietnamese manner. The dishes are made by young Vietnamese food lovers with an aspiration to preserve Vietnamese cuisine. was voted as an impressive young startup and was among the top ten of excellent startup businesses in 2017.

Sweet fried cakes.

Taro balls.

Savoury fried cakes.

Chicken feet fried with salt

Chicken feet salad.

Fried fermented pork rolls.

Boiled snail.

Grilled minced pork.

Sweet soup.

Story: Bich Van – Photos: Thanh Giang