Spanning a total area of 3,500 square meters, the historical site arranges special spaces specifically for Tet celebrations, showcasing both the old times along with tourist destinations and heritage sites from across the country.
The event creates an immersive experience for both domestic and international visitors to enjoy, thereby allowing them to appreciate the precious cultural heritage and the unique culinary delights that are on offer across the country.
A space for Tet cuisine and regional specialties beautifully showcases the distinctive flavors found in Hanoi’s Tet dishes which embodies the nation’s cultural richness and culinary values.
Dong Xuan market is recreated as part of the program.
The event provides a space specifically for businesses to introduce food and high-quality products to visitors which are typical of the Tet holiday.
Guests at the event will have the opportunity to experience a traditional Tet through various activities, such as calligraphy giving, toy making, and cake making, among others.
The event is expected to serve as a pivotal hub which connects both overseas Vietnamese and international tourists with the vibrant culture found in Hanoi.