The seal opening ceremony is celebrated annually at the start of spring to pray for peace and prosperity for the nation and its people.

Central and local authorities respectfully offer incense to honor the ancestors of the Tran Dynasty.

The seal opening ceremony of Tran Temple aims to preserve and promote traditional cultural values, as well as educate the younger generations about their origins and the importance of remembering their roots, as the saying goes, “When drinking water, remember its source.”

Ceremonies are conducted in a solemn manner, following traditional rituals.

A procession of the palanquin seal from Co Trach Temple to Thien Truong Temple.

Despite heavy rain, a large crowd of people and tourists patiently wait outside Tran Temple.

The staff is working at full capacity to distribute stamps to both residents and tourists.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Nam Dinh, it is estimated that there will be approximately 170,000 visitors heading to the locality during the event.