The Pig Procession is held to honor General Tam Lang, who lived during the 18th Hung King period and fought for peace in Vietnam. He is worshipped as a village deity.

Whenever the village faced an enemy, they would prepare a feast of steamed sticky rice and pork to offer to General Tam Lang and his troops before their battles.

The festival usually takes place at 6pm.

The offerings for the procession include a pig, steamed sticky rice, and flowers and fruits displayed on separate palanquins. The pig, which weighs between 120kg and 200kg, is raised throughout the year.

The pig procession lasts for a total of two hours.

The procession is led by a lion dance group and a trumpet team to the village’s communal house.

The pig’s palanquin is carried by young men selected from the village.

At midnight, the village elders begin a ritual that lasts until 2 a.m. the next day. After the ceremony, the pork is divided among the families in the village for good luck.