Tiny flower buds are starting to blossom, indicating the arrival of a new lunar year.

Local sellers state that early peach blossom branches are priced between VND800,000 and VND1 million, depending on the size.

Buying a branch of peach blossoms in advance of Tet festival, the most important festival of the year, has become a favorite pastime for many Hanoians.

Some individuals choose to purchase unique peach branches to decorate their living rooms during the festive season.

Others visit Nhat Tan flower village to select their preferred branch trees.

Growers claim to have employed special farming techniques to facilitate early blossom growth, meeting the rising demand of locals who wish to celebrate the New Year holiday with this traditional flower.

A significant number of Hanoians soak in the early spring ambiance amidst the chilly weather conditions.

Growers meticulously care for the flowers to ensure that they bloom just in time for Tet.