The force directly trains and utilizes horses in the service of crime fighting and security safeguarding as the main task.
The majestic mobile policemen riding on horseback parade through Ho Chi Minh Square in Vinh.
According to police officers, the horses are tamed in a way that is fully capable of adapting to different situations.
The force can be used for controlling unruly demonstrations, especially in areas where normal vehicles cannot be used.
The horses can be used for patrols or rescue work in mountainous areas.
The cavalries can also transport weapons and food to remote areas, along with participating in governmental ceremonies.
The horses are all thoroughly trained in order to follow commands.
A mounted police officer puts on a skillful performance in front of the audience.
Controlling the horse to run at high speed is a challenging task.
Jumping with the horse through the ring of fire.
As one of the youngest units of the People’s Public Security force, the Cavalry Mobile Police Regiment has engaged in many of the country’s major activities.