Hue Grilled Meat Rolls

Nem lui or grilled meat roll is one of the most popular dishes in the old capital city of Hue. No matter whether it is summer or winter, the dish is much sought after by people. Once you have tried it, you will never forget its taste.

Enjoying Nem lui requires many fresh herbs, vegetables, star fruit and green banana which are wrapped inside soft rice paper and then served with a special sauce, called Nuoc leo. The brown and greasy sauce is made of soya paste, minced pig liver, roasted peanuts, seasonings, sugar and some spices.
It is also an eye-catching dish with different colours, such as the yellow brown of grilled meat rolls, the green of vegetable and herbs and the brown of the sauce.
Ảnh đẹp - Báo Ảnh
– Pork paste: 400g
– Soft rice paper: 20
– Pork lard: 50g
– Star fruit: 1
– Pork skin: 50g
– Pork liver: 50g
– Green banana: 1
– Dried garlic and onion; sugar; pepper; herbs, spring onion and bamboo skewers.

How to make grilled meat rolls:
– Clean the pork lard and skin and bring to a boil. Slice them into tiny cubes and combine with pork paste. Add a dash of sugar, fish sauce and pepper. Roll the meat into sausage shapes and thread the sausages onto each bamboo skewer. Grill them over hot charcoal until brown.
– Slice the star-fruit and green banana into long pieces and submerge into salty water to make it white and reduce its acrid.
– Clean the herbs and vegetables.
How to make sauce: Heat the lard and fry the crushed onion and garlic until brown. Add the minced pork liver and stir carefully. Add ½ bowl of cold water and a dash of fish sauce, sugar and pepper. Cook until the mixture become pasty. Pour the sauce into a small bowl and add crushed, roasted peanuts and sliced hot pepper.
Serving: Remove the meat from the bamboo skewer and wrap with some herbs, vegetables, sliced star-fruit and green banana into a rice paper and dip into the sauce.

Story: Vinh Hung – Photo: Cong Dat