Commercial centers in District 1 sparkle with pine trees, reindeers, snowmen, and Santa Claus, making them attractive tourist destinations for Christmas in the city.
A boy and his mother posing for a photo during Christmas celebrations, costing them VND50,000.
A French tourist excitedly immerses himself in the early Christmas atmosphere that has taken hold in the city. He snaps a picture with a reindeer model on the sidewalk.
Different types of Christmas toys are selling well with prices starting at a few tens of thousands of dongs each.
Colorful decoration items for Christmas can be seen throughout the city’s streets.
Some people wear Santa outfits to sell Christmas toys in front of commercial centers.
Christmas decorations go up in the city at the beginning of December, with colorful lights, ornaments, and Christmas trees erected in shopping complexes and department stores.
Commercial hubs have become hot spots for Saigon youngsters during Christmas.
Decorating the streets and shopping malls has become a tradition in Ho Chi Minh City to attract visitors from both domestic and international markets during the festive season. Each year, the city becomes more beautiful and exotic, creating an exciting yet cozy atmosphere for city dwellers and tourists to enjoy.