President Ho Chi Minh, born on May 19, 1890, in Kim Lien Commune, Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province, dedicated his life to Vietnam’s liberation. His tireless efforts for peace and progress globally are commemorated.

Hanoi’s main streets and populous areas are adorned with banners, red flags, and posters, uplifting spirits on this momentous day.

Red flags and banners decorate Hanoi’s iconic streets, including Hoang Dieu, Hung Vuong, Dinh Tien Hoang, and Phan Dinh Phung, adding to the festive atmosphere.

A prominent billboard on Nguyen Du Street captures the attention of passersby.

Ha Dong District is adorned with large, vibrant billboards, celebrating the occasion with fervor.

Hanoi is painted red as it celebrates the 134th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh on May 19, a testament to his enduring legacy.