Wild pear flowers have become one of the favorites among Hanoians in recent years. Their soft white color adds a touch of beauty and coziness to any home.
These flowers bloom for about a month, but with professional care, they can last up to two to three months.
The wild pear flower trees are brought from the mountainous provinces of Lao Cai, Lang Son, and Ha Giang.
The most beautiful wild pear flower branches are those with pear fruits, symbolizing prosperity in the early days of the New Year.
Many Hanoians choose a branch of wild pear flowers to decorate their homes, especially as the peach blossom or Kumquat trees tend to wither during the Tet holiday.
Small branches of wild pear flowers are popular among customers for decorating their family’s altar.
Some customers prefer large branches to adorn their living rooms.
Branches with beautiful shapes and an abundance of flower buds are the most popular.
Prices for wild pear flower branches remain the same as last year, ranging from VND300,000 to VND5,000,000, depending on the shape and number of flower buds.