During the New Year holiday, many people in Hanoi are traveling back to their hometowns and carrying a lot of belongings, including their luggage. (Source: VOV)

The number of passengers during this period has significantly increased compared to normal days, according to an official of the Giap Bat Bus Station. (Source: VOV)

To meet the increasing demand, more buses have been deployed, especially on the southern route where there are a large number of people traveling home. (Source: VOV)

Outside the Giap Bat Bus Station, many people choose to wait for buses on the sidewalk. (Source: VOV)

Some buses violate regulations by picking up passengers outside the bus station. (Source: VOV)

Such violation of traffic laws exacerbates heavy traffic congestion on Giai Phong, a gateway to the city center. (Source: VOV)

To help ease congestion, police officers have been dispatched to regulate traffic at intersections, especially the key Giai Phong-Ring Road 3 intersection leading to Hanoi – Ninh Binh Expressway. (Source: VOV)

Elsewhere, road users pack the Pham Hung – Khuat Duy Tien – Nguyen Xien streets as of December 29 afternoon, the last working day of 2023. (Source: VOV)

Traffic becomes heavy as of 4:00 p.m. on major roads in the city center such as Nguyen Trai, Tay Son, Tran Duy Hung, and Nguyen Chi Thanh. (Source: VOV)

An increasing number of vehicles hitting the road causes traffic on Nguyen Trai road to grind to a halt. (Source: VOV)

At gateways into the city center, traffic officers have been mobilized to regulate traffic in an attempt to ease congestion. (Source: VOV)

Despite the efforts, such crowding has not improved much due to a large number of people traveling home, even when it is getting dark. (Source: VOV)

At times, traffic becomes chaotic at the Bui Huy Bich-Ring Road 3 intersection. (Source: VOV)