Golden Dragon green bean cake

Green bean cakes are a Hai Duong specialty familiar to both domestic and foreign visitors. 

The legend behind the cakes is that King Bao Dai once visited Hai Duong province and was offered by locals a special cake made from green beans. The king loved the distinctive flavor of the cake so much that after the trip, he allowed Hai Duong
people to print “Golden Dragon” – a symbol of royal power – on the packaging of the cake, a label that distinguished them with products from other localities.

Cane sugar and green beans are main ingredients to make the special cake.

A popular specialty of Hai Duong province.

The main ingredients of the cake include cane sugar, green beans and pig fat. The unique value of the cake is in the sophisticated processing phases which require skill and delicacy to retain the original flavor. The special taste and its historical story have maintained and developed the cake for nearly a hundred years.

By Thanh Giang