Goc Da pillow cake

The restaurant sits next to a large banyan tree hence the name Goc Da (Banyan Stump). The restaurant has been opened for more than 30 years, serving one of the best pillow cakes in town. 

According to Goc Da’s owner Nguyen My Loc, her mother Nguyen Thi Thuan opened the restaurant in 1983. Her family has improved the filling to make the dish much more delicious. Therefore, their cakes are favored by a lot of diners.

As Loc has said, the best quality ingredients make the finest food. With excellent wheat flour and the family’s secret recipe, the perfect crust makes her pillow cakes different from other restaurants’. The most delicious filling comes from fresh meat. Vegetables, onions, mince, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms and glass noodles are selected carefully.

The restaurant is located on Ly Quoc Su street, Hanoi.

banh goi.

A set of delicious Goc Da
pillow cakes.

Foreign visitors come to the restaurant to enjoy the pillow cakes.

A foreign visitor takes a photo of Goc Da pillow cakes.

With its distinctive flavor, Goc Da restaurant supplies pillow cakes to Ngon restaurant in Phan Boi Chau street and hundreds of pillow cakes for diners in Hanoi.

Only 12,000 dong for one, diners can enjoy crispy and delicious pillow cakes at Goc Da restaurant. The restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm daily.

Story: Ngan Ha – Photos: Khanh Long