Workers in the southern region cannot hide their joy when they receive free air tickets to return home for the festive season.
A child enjoys his meal on his first flight with his family as they prepare for a Tet reunion.
Needy workers receive festive gifts at the airport. The airline plans to transport the workers from the airport to bus stations, where they can then catch buses to return to their home villages.
The flights are highly appreciated for promoting human values for the community and social responsibility.
Labour unions in southern provinces have proposed a list of the beneficiaries, with priority given to workers who have endured difficult circumstances and who have spent Tet away from their hometowns several times.
Labour unions offer Tet gifts to workers, expecting the workers to have a joyful holiday before they return to work.
Following the festive period, the airline will transport the workers back to Ho Chi Minh City from different locations in the north.
The expenses for the flights are supported by Vietnam Airlines and its partners through a charity auction.
The workers are also supported to travel from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi to bus stations in the city center where they can then catch coaches home.
“Our income has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have not been able to return home for Tet for several years. I am so happy to get a free return ticket home,” says a worker at the airport.