Putting up the Neu pole is a traditional culture of not only Vietnam, but also of many Asian countries.

Vietnamese people have a custom of erecting a bamboo pole in front of their house on the last day of the lunar year as they believe it expels evil, worship deities and pray for good luck ahead in the new year.

A group of the centre’s staff dressed in dynasty-styled soldier costumes carry a 20m tall bamboo tree into the former imperial palace.

The soldiers are led by people dressed up in mandarin costumes and accompanied by a band of musicians playing royal music.

The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre holds the ceremony to keep the tradition alive, as well as to create more entertainment for visitors to the former imperial citadel around the end of the lunar year.

Many tourists are curious about the re-enactment of the Neu pole erecting ceremony.

Photo snapping: a foreigner is impressed with the fine traditional custom of Vietnamese people on the last days of the lunar year

The pole will be taken down on the seventh day of the first lunar month to mark the end of the Tet holiday.

The pole is also believed to ward off ghosts and demons from entering the community during Tet.

The custom has been preserved and handed down from generation to generation for years.