All streets, entertainment centres, and markets have been beautifully decorated to welcome the New Year. This creates a lively atmosphere and offers young people the opportunity to take memorable photos.
Some people enjoy strolling around the streets of Hanoi these days to fully experience the festive ambiance before Tet.
Various items commonly used as offerings to ancestors or as gifts during Tet are available for sale in many wet markets.
Ceramic products are highly sought after in markets as Tet approaches.
Hoa Cúc (chrysanthemum) and roses are in high demand in markets these days as housewives prefer them for offering to ancestors.
Street vendors selling flowers can be easily seen in various locations across Hanoi these days.
Groups of young people gather in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to take photos and capture memories of Tet.
Coriander is also popularly sought after in wet markets. People, especially in northern Vietnam, believe that bathing with coriander removes misfortunes from the previous year and brings good luck for the new year.
Along Hang Ma street, visitors can find a wide variety of decorative Tet items for sale. The street spans 300 meters and is bustling with crowds purchasing items to adorn their houses and office buildings.
The banks of Ho Guom, also known as Returned Sword Lake, serve as a beautiful backdrop for many people who come to take photos to welcome the lunar year of the dragon.