The project, intended to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the upcoming Lunar New Year festival (Tet), is financed mainly by businesses with a total investment of approximately VND6.8 billion.
The flower-red ceramic road stretches from the Welcome Gate to the Administrative Building of the Provincial People’s Committee.
The project depicts the history of Vinh Long’s ceramic industry that originated from brick kilns over a century ago.
In 1995, Vinh Long possessed over 900 brick kilns with the capacity to produce approximately 500 million bricks of various types each year.
Vinh Long boasts the largest number of brick kilns in the western region of Vietnam, covering a total area of 30km in Vinh Long City, the namesake province, as well as the Long Ho and Mang Thit districts.
The ceramic production in Vinh Long possesses distinct characteristics that distinguish it from other traditional trades. Each family can serve as a separate workshop.
Every segment of the flower-ceramic road has been carefully arranged to convey its own meaningful message, symbolizing the wisdom and cultural identity of Vietnamese people in general and the local community in particular.
The Vinh Long flower-red ceramic road has been officially recognized by the Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings) as the longest of its kind in Vietnam.
The road will be open to the public for admiration and photo opportunities from February 2nd to 19th.