According to the Ministry of Public Security, a fire broke out at a mini apartment building in Hanoi on the night of September 12. The fire was caused by an electrical fault in a motorbike that was left on the ground floor. The incident resulted in a tragic loss of life.

The mini apartment building, designed in the tube house style, was located in a deep and narrow alley in Hanoi. It contained approximately 40 to 50 flats that were mainly occupied by families and students. The building had a total of 150 residents. The challenging location of the building made it difficult for firefighters to approach and control the blaze.

The fire triggered a response from about 15 firetrucks and 100 police officers. They managed to contain the fire within 45 minutes, preventing it from spreading to neighboring houses. A total of 70 people trapped in the building were successfully rescued.

A tragic fire occurred in Ha Dong district of Hanoi, resulting in the death of four people from the same family. The victims included a 67-year-old woman and her three grandchildren, aged 10, eight, and four. The fire broke out in a four-story house covering an area of 40 sq.m.

A devastating fire engulfed a house in Phan Thiet city of Binh Thuan province. The fire, caused by an electrical short circuit, injured two children and claimed the lives of their mother and another man who tried to rescue them.

An explosion at a one-story house in Hanoi’s Thanh Tri district resulted in the death of a woman and her two children. The explosion was believed to be caused by a can of hairspray that accidentally exploded near a gas tank, causing a larger fatal explosion.

A fire broke out at an electric motorcycle shop in Hanoi’s Hoai Duc district, resulting in the death of two adults and a young child from the same family. The fire was extinguished by a team of firefighters and prevented from spreading to nearby houses.

A tragic fire engulfed a six-story house in Hanoi’s Dong Da district, resulting in the death of two children and a teenager from a family. The narrow alley leading to the house posed challenges for firefighters, hampering their efforts to control the blaze.