According to Hoang Viet, a skilled craftsman, his facility produces more than 5,000 dragon figurines every day.
Every stage of making these clay figurines needs to be done with great care to ensure a perfect product.
With the increasing demand for clay figurines in recent years, a wide range of attractive designs is being produced.
Lai Thieu’s clay figurines are gaining more attention and competing with plastic and wooden items.
These artisanal products are distributed to provinces such as Tien Giang and An Giang, as well as the southwestern and southeastern regions of Vietnam. They are also exported to markets in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.
The price of each figurine varies based on its size and design, typically ranging from VND30,000 to VND170,000 per piece.
The painting stage is a meticulous piece of work as the paint must be evenly coated without smears.
The crafting village experiences its highest level of sales during the Lunar New Year festival.
It’s believed that keeping money in new dragon-shaped clay boxes will bring prosperity in the upcoming year.