On the morning of January 22, some people choose to wear raincoats as they battle against the cold air and drizzly conditions.

The cold spell hits border localities at midnight and then quickly moves further inland, thereby impacting northeastern and north-central localities from January 21.

If temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius, schools are required to suspend classes for kindergartens and primary school students in order to prevent them from being exposed to the cold weather.

Low temperatures are accompanied by spells of drizzle which strike the capital on January 22, causing plenty of difficulties for commuters as they head to work or school.

Locals patiently choose to travel by bus as a means of keeping warm amid the cold weather.

Street vendors continue their job as they must continue to earn a living.

A worker wears a Non La (conical hat), face mask, gloves, and raincoat to cope with the cold spell.

The cold air is forecast to increase its intensity as of January 22, sending temperatures falling further to as low as seven to 10 degrees Celsius in the plains and three to six degrees Celsius in mountainous areas.

Locals happily sit together, drinking hot cups of tea as they stay warm amid the winter chill.