Wilson’s performance takes the audience on a musical journey, starting with his new album where he skillfully reimagines Vietnamese music through the sounds of the cello.
Cameron Thomas Shah, spokesperson of the US Embassy in Hanoi, shares that the combination of both American and Vietnamese artists helps to bring wonderful and emotional melodies to the audience.
The culture show blends the enchanting sounds of beautiful instruments with captivating electronic music to attract plenty of viewers.
Ngo Tra My (L) is an accomplished đàn bầu teacher and soloist. She has performed in more than 40 countries, giving her a chance to spread the beauty of traditional Vietnamese music around the world.
Pham Tra My (R) is a lecturer of đàn tranh performance at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. She has won gold and silver medals at national traditional instrumental music festivals and special prizes at international music festivals held in France and Italy.