During the festive period, traders flock to Xuan Quan flower village to purchase flowers, which are in ample supply and reasonably priced.

Customers travel to the village for its huge variety and affordable prices.

Gardeners in Xuan Quan are always busy during this time of the year.

Customers love colourful flower pots as they make great decorations for their balconies.

Xuan Quan farmers specialize in growing various kinds of petunias.

One of the most popular flowers among customers is camellia.

Many customers take advantage of the cheap prices to buy flower pots for decoration or as gifts for friends and colleagues.

A single flower pot costs just a few thousand VND.

A flower festival will be held in Xuan Quan flower village on December 22, offering customers a wide range of reasonably priced flower pots to choose from.

Customers come to Xuan Quan flower village from various localities.

Wholesale customers often use trucks to transport the flower pots from Xuan Quan flower village.

Xuan Quan flower village is located near the famous Bat Trang pottery village, allowing customers to buy beautiful vases and flower pots after purchasing flowers and ornamental plants.