Around 70% of total households in the village, equal to 300 households, are typically busy between November and December during the lunar calendar each year.

The main ingredients in the delicacy incluude glutinous rice, pork, and green beans wrapped square in broad-blade leaves that give the rice a green colour after about 12 hours of boiling.

During peak times, each household in Tranh Khuc village wraps between 300 to 500 cakes per day, this figure can rise up to 1,000 to 3,000 cakes per day as Tet draws near.

The process of making Banh Chung requires the joint work of several people.

Sticky rice is carefully chosen in order to make delicious Banh Chung.

The green beans are stewed, before then being rolled into large pieces with pork in the middle.

Normally, Banh Chung is wrapped up in frames to make the cakes into a square shape, however local people in Tranh Khuc village choose not to use them. Without using the frames, the Banh Chung still comes out square and in the same size.

All of the cakes are hand-made, making them extra-special with a delicious taste.