Braised grouper in caramel sauce

Vinh Hy bay in Ninh Thuan province is famous not only for its primitive landscape, but also for delicious and fresh seafood. Among the seafood dishes, braised grouper in caramel sauce is one of the specialties in the area.

The fish with high quality and nutritious content, lives in the sea off the South Central Coast in Vietnam. The fish is used to cook many dishes, such as sour soup, grouper steamed with soy sauce or ginger, or fried grouper. However, for the local people in Ninh Thuan, braised grouper in caramel sauce is the best.

To cook this dish, first select a large grouper with a thick layer of meat and fat. After cleaning, cut the fish into pieces and marinate it with sauce, garlic, pepper and chili for 30 minutes. Put the marinated pieces into a clay pot with caramel sauce and braise it until the fish is well-done and the sauce reduced to become a beautiful golden brown and slightly sticky.
Braised grouper in caramel sauce is best served with white rice.

Chefs in Ninh Thuan always use clay pots made by hand by the Cham people to braise fish that keeps the dish hot for a longer time. They add fried pork rind to the dish to make a special taste.

Story: Son Nghia – Photo: Nguyen Luan